Emulsion Magazine

Art Direction and Editorial Design

Emulsion is a film photography publication based in Perth, Western Australia.

The publication gives insight into the process of shooting on film with interviews from professional photographers as well as hobbyist photographers, giving readers a greater depth of awareness about how they approach the medium of photography.

QIR Magazine 

Editorial Design

The Quarterly Investment Review is a publication produced every 3 months, consisting of articles ranging from investment news to the social aspect of Capital International Group.

The visual theme follows a direct style, overhead perspective photography (investment section).


Art Direction and Branding

Youth homelessness is an issue worldwide. In Australia, youth homelessness costs $600million per annum, and according to studies, this figure continues to rise every year.

At Sanctuary, we have a modern strategy to this tackle age-old issue. We have performed stakeholder outreach to discover the most significant issues homeless people face.

They aim to stop youth homelessness in Perth initially, then to roll out our program throughout Australia.

Primer Studio 

Art Direction and Branding

Primer is a design based studio space that aims to create a clean, creative, open-minded and pleasurable working space for experienced freelance designers, graphic artists, architects, web designers and more.

It is a premium space that offers a professional freelance working environment that is usually only available for designers working at Fortune 500 companies. 

A collaboration with Snowi Design.